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Type-2 diabetes is a lifelong condition in which the amount of glucose in your blood becomes higher than ordinary. When the human body is not able to react to the natural hormone insulin it develops. When an individual has diabetes, the important risk factors for developing erectile dysfunction are blood vessel injury, neural damage, and poor blood flow. Nerves ruined due to diabetes can't function properly. So that it does not respond, even when a man is sexually stimulated, the useful transmission delivered from the brain is not relayed to the member. Nitric oxide also plays an essential part in erection. A poor blood glucose control because of diabetes can inhibit the generation of nitric oxide. Not enough nitric-oxide can lead to a drop in blood-pressure that is penile, consequently impacting the regular operating system of the valves inside the member. As a consequence, blood runs from the penis rather than staying trapped there to keep up erection during intercourse.

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